What are the last posting dates for Christmas?

We recommend ordering before 17th December for Standard Delivery and 20th December for Express Delivery. We will, however, do our best to dispatch any orders received on the 21st.

Are the karts safe?

The karts are extremely safe and built to last. They have been through extensive testing to EN-71 standards which allow us to carry the CE mark.

These tests include strength, stability, sharp edges and performance of the brakes as well as loads of other tests to help keep you safe. However anyone who had a 'proper childhood' has the scars to prove it so it is never possible to completely remove all risks.

For full safety advice please see here.

Please note that these safety tests only apply to the completed kart, as detailed in the instructions. For this reason they are not suitable for children to build themselves.

I built my own kart as a child, why do I need a kit now?

The truth is you may well not! We would love to see more people building their own go karts from pram wheels and scrap wood and we have tried to keep the kits as faithful to that concept as possible. 

Unfortunately though good wheels and axles are now very hard to come by so the kits are there to give you a head start if you need it. You'll also benefit from a tried and tested design with a few tweaks to make your childhood kart a little safer and sturdier.

Do I need lots of complicated and expensive tools?

No, definitely not. We designed these kits to be made by families so you've most likely got the tools already. If not they're all very cheap to buy and we can point you in the right direction if need be.

This is what you'll need for the Easy Build Kit:

For the Pallet Challenge you'll also need:

Are they hard to build?

Not at all, anyone who 's had a go at basic DIY before should have all the skills they need. 

The Easy Build Kit is the simplest to build and even comes with all of the cuts and screws pre-marked ready to fit together.

Whilst neither is a flat pack, full colour instructions guide you through the whole process so all of the kits are well within the reach of most families.

So can my children do this on their own?

The kits are best done as a family project and are not suitable for children to build on their own. At your discretion there is plenty that children of all ages can do to help, but they are designed to be assembled by an adult.

Do I have to follow the instructions?

Not at all but please be aware that any modifications are done at your own risk and none of the safety testing or CE marks will apply.

Having said this the Pallet Challenge is particularly flexible so please feel free to use your own wood, soap boxes, your mother's laundry basket or any other parts you think are suitable - some of the best kits we've seen completely ignored our instructions! That's where the fun lies...

Where can I find a pallet?

Pallets can be found at most industrial estates, builders merchants or retail parks. Just have a look around and you'll soon spot them, ask first and very few will say no. Make sure you pick a sturdy one and have a spare to hand in case you need extra parts. Avoid the ones that are made up entirely of wooden slats with just blocks in-between though as they are harder to work with.

How long will my kit take to arrive?

Most kits will be dispatched within 48 hours of ordering - if you do need one particularly urgently then please mention this in the order details box and we will do our best to send it out the same day.

Standard delivery usually takes 2 days from dispatch but can take up to 5 in some cases.

Express delivery is guaranteed for the day after dispatch.

Do you accept returns?

We hope you have a brilliant time building and using your kit for many years to come. If you do wish to return it though please get in touch within 14 days of delivery for a full refund.

Can I order this without my children knowing what's inside?

The Kits come in a plain cardboard box but do have our logo on the outside. Please let us know if you need it to be a surprise though and we will happily leave this off.

I don't live in the UK - can I still buy one?

Of course, just select your country at the checkout. We do have to group some countries together for postage costs though so please get in touch if the charges seem abnormally high. We will be happy to provide a more accurate quote.